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Emmis Jewelry

Howlite Wrap

Howlite Wrap

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A summer stunner! This white with grey highlight Howlite beaded wrap has a smiling turquoise magnesite Buddha smiling away. The oval "laugh often" charm reminds you to find the joy in everyday life while the signature teardrop "emmis" tag reminds you to be true to you. 

Howlite aides in releasing past ties and pain while calming the soul in the present. It heightens creativity and expands self-expression.

The average wrap length is 28.5 inches. If you want one longer or shorter, just make a note of it on your order. The wrap is designed to go around a 7 inch wrist 4 times or can be worn as a necklace. 

 When storing this piece it's best to store coiled as opposed to hanging. Some stretching is normal, but gravity is real. Just like your sweaters, if you hang them or wear them in the shower - they will stretch. 

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