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Fluorite and Cloud Quartz Long Necklace

Fluorite and Cloud Quartz Long Necklace

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This great necklace is filled with purple fluorite and cloud quartz 8mm beads.

The fluorite will help to clean and stabilize your aura, allowing you to make a clear, thoughtful decision. While the Cloud Quartz will stimulate your crown chakra - allowing you to make a clear decision. While the stone may be cloudy, your mind will be clear!

Dangling in the center is a handmade silver tassel pendant. The best part? It's removable! You can simply open the necklace at the clasp and slide it off if you aren't feeling the tassel that day. 

The necklace is 32 inches with a 2 inch extender. Wear it long or doubled. Your necklace, your style!

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