Convertible Gemstone Necklace

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This versatile necklace is as unique as it is beautiful. The necklace is a very light and flexible rope of knitted hematite over silver plated balls. It won't kink or knot. You can wear it 3 ways.

Long - The necklace is 32" long with a 2" extender.

Choker style - The necklace goes through the bail once while wrapping the tail around your neck tightly. 

Doubled - The chain goes through the bail twice.

The five choices for pendants are 

Orange Sodalite - This blue and pale orange stone is the gemstone for heroes. It activates your heart chakra allowing you to speak your truth and confront injustice.

African Aventurine - This green stone is a stone of strength. Aventurine gives strength to those going through trouble.

Crazy Lace Agate - This grey agate brings inner peace, strength and self-confidence by allowing you to focus on the "big picture." Believe in Yourself. 

Ruby in Kyanite - This is the square stone. It helps bring dreams into reality by releasing patterns that do not serve our greater good. Move forward in style!

Bloodstone - This red, grey and green stone is a jasper. It is thought to be the most beautiful of the jaspers. It dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. It is said to bring good health and a long life, riches and fame. You can't go wrong with a bloodstone!