Amethyst and Labradorite Wrap

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This stunning, sparkling, rhinestone encrusted amethyst screams "I'M AMAZING!" The 10mm labradorite stones offset the purple in the amethyst with blue, grey and black. It can be worn as a wrap bracelet or a necklace. 

Labradorite protects you from negativity and seals your energy from within, allowing you to be more present in your surroundings. Amethyst increases your psychic ability and intuition by stimulating the crown chakra. It evokes peace and serenity to those that wear it.

The S/M wrap is best for a 6-7 inch wrist, while L/XL is best for a 7-8 inch wrist. 

When storing this piece it's best to store coiled as opposed to hanging. Some stretching is normal, but gravity is real. Just like your sweaters, if you hang them or wear them in the shower - they will stretch. ;)