Welcome to Emmis

Emmis (Eh-mis) Jewelry is a jewelry line as unique as you. Boho, chic, trendy, classic, contemporary - you'll find everything here. Unique, handmade, one of a kind jewelry is my specialty. Whether you want to design a piece for your Wedding or something for Saturday night, Emmis is the line for you. 

You don't like a color? Customize it! You don't like a clasp? Customize it! All clasps are interchangeable and if you like a color, but don't see the color combination together, email me and I will let you know if it's possible.

We are all busy people, living in a busy world. We should have something just the way we like it. If we stay true to ourselves, and follow our life's path, we will live our truth, our Emmis. 

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