My Business Started with a Bracelet

My Business Started with a Bracelet

My Business Started With a Bracelet

Before creating Emmis, my interest in jewelry was minimal. I would accessorize but I never really wanted to buy jewelry because it either seemed expensive for what it was, or it was poorly made. My professional background was in education, and at the time, I was stuck between careers, searching for something more. 

The Class

One day, my friend invited me to a beading class. It was raining, I was free, so I tagged along. I’ve always loved a good art workshop, and that day I first learned how to sew glass beads together to form a bracelet. Putting different parts together to make something “whole,” has always felt fulfilling to me. 

The Bracelet that Launched a Business

A week later I went to work on a new piece. After a lot of patience, persistence and practice, I created a 2-and-a-half-inch thick, peyote stitch-beaded cuff bracelet with horizontal stripes. My friend loved the bracelet so much that she pushed me to post a photo of it on Facebook for the world to see. I limited my Facebook usage to jokes or funny pictures of my kids and doubted that anyone would care about a bracelet I made. After a great amount of hesitation, I finally posted it–mainly to humor my friend (and maybe myself, too).

The next morning, to my surprise, I woke up to messages from people asking me to make them something! I felt that if someone wanted to purchase my bracelets, I would sell them. It was the perfect chance for me to create something and share it with others. I was ready for my second act. That was the day Emmis Jewelry was born. The business officially launched when I wore the bracelet I made to my husband’s 40th birthday party in July of 2013.

What’s in a Name?

The reason behind the name “Emmis” is very personal. As a child, my parents made me swear emmis (Eh-mis), the Yiddish term for “truth.” They did this not just to teach me the importance of telling the truth, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, to instill in me the value of always being true to myself. Part of finding my emmis was identifying where to direct to the artistic expressions that had been brewing inside of me for years. 

Emmis Jewelry 

Today, Emmis Jewelry is comprised of handmade, personalized, trendy jewelry that represents each person who wears it. My bracelets, necklaces, and wraps help you  complete your look for a special occasion or for daily wear. I can even help you preserve a treasured family heirloom! Each piece of Emmis jewelry is handcrafted in my home studio.  Emmis Jewelry has also been sold at numerous brick and mortar stores. Because jewelry is so personal, I spend time and energy from my heart to create each piece. 

It’s time for you to speak your emmis!

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