Jewelry in the time of a Pandemic

Jewelry in the time of a Pandemic

Jewelry in the time of a Pandemic

Even the title seems ridiculous. A pandemic. The word seems too big to handle. You can’t turn on the television without hearing phrases like “unprecedented times”, “in a time like this”, “we’re in this together.” I watch the Governor’s address every day at 2:30. I listen to the numbers, hear the stories, and I cried when the schools were ordered shuttered for the rest of the year. I hear and feel about the plight of small business and restaurants struggling to keep afloat. Somehow it all seems so much more important than handmade jewelry.

It’s been over 35 days here, socially isolated in Deerfield, IL. I’ve been lucky enough to have my kids and husband in the house with me surrounded by food, warmth and plenty of toilet paper. I’ve reconnected with college friends, celebrated holidays and birthdays over zoom and actually relished the fact that I didn’t have carpool to drive. There have been tears too, don’t get me wrong – probably daily tears. We miss our friends. My son made the High School Baseball team only to have the season cancelled. My younger son is supposed to play baseball this summer in Cooperstown, NY and it’s not looking good. No driver’s permit at 15. Summer Camp, please let there be summer camp. The list goes on. My list probably isn’t too different from yours.

I struggle with why and how to continue to sell jewelry when so many people are suffering. Truth is, I really haven’t. Mother’s Day is usually my busiest time of the year, and every time I try to make an ad to place on the web, it just all seems so pithy. So unimportant. But I was recently reminded by a friend that on one hand it might be, but for someone else the simple act of putting a necklace on is a reminder of normalcy. Remember when you didn’t wear sweats every day? Remember when it felt great to have the righ outfit to go to Saturday night dinner in the city with the perfect cuff?

So maybe Emmis Jewelry will get through just like everyone gets through the day one step, one moment one breath at a time - or in jewelry terms, one bead, one gemstone, one stitch at a time. So here I am – just trying to give you a bit of normalcy. I’m giving you 20% off all purchases on the website – for you, for a mom, for anyone. Plus, I’m also going to give 20% back of total sales until Mother’s Day to the West Deerfield Food Pantry to try to share normalcy for all. (Use the coupon code SHOPLOCAL)

Try it, put on a new necklace or bracelet. Even if you are wearing sweats.


FYI the necklace in the picture can be found here.

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