How to properly size your wrist for the perfect heirloom piece

How to properly size your wrist for the perfect heirloom piece

Wrists can be funny. They are part of your body that’s been with you since day one, but it’s likely you don’t know how many inches around your wrists are. Why would you unless you decide to shop for a bracelet, watch, or other item? The last thing you want to do is be stuck with one that does not fit you correctly, which is why it’s critical to know how to accurately measure your wrist.

Getting an Accurate Measurement

You can start by taking an accurate measurement of the wrist on which you will be wearing the jewelry piece. Remember to choose the correct wrist because many people do not realize that each wrist can vary in size. When measuring your wrist, use a soft, flexible tape measure (not a retractable, stiff measuring tape) and wrap it tightly for an accurate measurement. Be sure to also measure the exact part of the wrist on which you plan to wear the bracelet. If you have trouble using a measuring tape, you can always wrap a string around your wrist instead, and measure the string according to how it fits your wrist.

Why is it important to have an accurate measurement? 

It’s all about comfort and fit. If an item feels right, you’ll feel confident wearing it, and you won’t run the risk of causing damage that’s too loose or tight. For example, certain pieces I carry are elastic, creating flexibility for stretching. Hand-sewn pieces, on the other hand, are sewn with needle and thread, and they don’t stretch at all. They are intricately sewn together with Fireline thread, which is actually fishing line! Just like fishing, when you stretch the line too tightly it will snap.  

Leave Room For the Right Fit

When shopping for a bracelet, purchase a piece that is a little larger than the original measurement. You’ll want the bracelet to be snug so that it will not slip off your wrist, yet loose enough so it doesn’t feel constricting. 

Here are some suggestions for bracelet sizes for common wrist measurements in inches: 

 Wrist measurement  

Recommended bracelet size

        5.5 inches

 6  inches


6.5  inches
6.5  inches  inches
 inches 7.5  inches
7.5  inches 8 inches


Interesting Facts About Wrists

Now that you know your wrists measurements, I’ll leave you with some fun trivia about them:

  • Your hand has 27 bones in all. Eight of those bones are in your wrist.
  • Twenty-five percent of athletic injuries include the hand or wrist. 
  • The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your foot.
  • The measurement around your wrist is half of the measurement around your thumb.
  • The distance around your wrist is half the distance of around your neck.
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