Gemstone Superpowers

Gemstone Superpowers

What will this stone do for me? What superpowers will it give me? 

Don't look at it that way. 

What will this gemstone encourage me to do? That's more of the way I see it.

Emmis (EH-mis) means truth. The tagline "Be True to You" is a lifestyle and not just a phrase I loosely use. The gemstone helps you to be true to your truth. If you are wearing a fabulously stylish sodalite wrap - will you become a hero, stopping trains in their tracks and saving the damsel in distress? I wouldn't suggest that! But, maybe it will remind you to speak your truth and stand firm and strong as a hero would, in your strength and save yourself. Yes! In my opinion, the gemstones push us to live our fullest life, with the strength of the universe behind us. 

So wear that Agate and know you will be strong! Wear the Amethyst and know you will be connected to a greater power, feeling peaceful and divine. Gemstones help us to connect by bringing to light what we need to focus on. Growth, spirituality and the divine. 

So Be True to You - and find the stone or wrap that speaks to you!

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